• about BuzzBack

    Since April 2000, BuzzBack has been an innovator in online research. We deliver fast, meaningful and actionable insights to a growing list of global companies. And we have been recognized by the industry with numerous awards for both our innovative techniques and our creative researchers. The BuzzBack point of difference is a more engaging experience that provides greater depth and insight – helping clients to quickly sift through data to deeper understanding.

    Over the years, we have built our reputation as a reliable, go-to supplier for consumer and business innovation and exploratory research. We’ve helped develop and restage brands, as well as explore name and package ideas. And we have tested thousands of advertising and new product ideas in more than 40 countries worldwide, many of which are now available in market across a wide range of categories.

    BuzzBack is a woman-owned diversity supplier with WBENC certification.

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    we have tested thousands of advertising and new product ideas in more than 40 countries worldwide



  • our vision

    We strive to make research a more intuitive, engaging and fun experience – both for the respondent and the researcher. Our techniques are grounded in best practice philosophies with a simple, visual interface that makes giving opinions fun. Equally our reports help marketers visualize insights, assimilate findings quickly, and dig deeper to gain a more emotional understanding of consumers’ views and needs.

    And because we recognize today’s emphasis on faster learning with leaner budgets, our approaches accommodate the most compressed timelines to accelerate communications, development and innovation.


  • clients

    BuzzBack clients represent an exceptional portfolio of Fortune 100 consumer packaged goods brands, pharmaceutical, financial services and technology companies, as well as leading advertising and marketing agencies. We also work with innovative and aggressive smaller companies to help take their research to that ‘next level.’ At BuzzBack, we recognize the objective may be to understand more about your consumer, or find a winning idea, name or package, or determine if an ad is working. Our approaches integrate both evaluative and diagnostic measures to ensure we can lend greater depth and understanding quickly.

    If you have a specific research program in mind or are looking for ideas to solve a specific research problem, please contact us.

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  • the BuzzBack culture

    Our team comprises researchers and creative thinkers from all over the world, with experience across many
    categories. We provide a flexible working environment that allows them to balance their busy family lives with pursuing their passion for research. You’ll find working with BuzzBack refreshing. But don’t take our word for it – ask our clients. They describe us as highly responsive, flexible, and thoughtful.

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  • press & awards

    April, 2014

    BuzzBack + the Rainforest Alliance Kick Off Earth Month With Findings From A New Global Study on Sustainability

    March, 2014

    BuzzBack’s Katherine Krauss recognized as Rising Star by ARF

    February, 2014

    BuzzBack’s Sustainability Findings Highlighted in The Guardian

    September, 2013

    Carol Fitzgerald featured in SmartCEO Magazine

    February, 2013

    Just in Time for Heart Health Month, BuzzBack & The American Heart Association Release New Charitable Giving Study

    May, 2012

    New Study on Attitudes & Emotions Among Diabetes Sufferers and Physicians

    April, 2012

    EyeTrackShop & BuzzBack Partner to Bring Research Innovations to Consumer Engagement

    March, 2012

    BuzzBack’s Tatiana Gormley recognized as Rising Star by ARF

    February, 2012

    BuzzBack Announces New Nordic Initiative

    October, 2011

    BuzzBack nominated for MRS Award for New Consumer Insights and for Research Magazine

    October, 2011

    BuzzBack nominated for NGMR Disruptive Innovation Finalist

    September, 2011

    BuzzBack 2011 Young Researcher Award finalist, Kim Fass at ESOMAR

    July, 2011

    BuzzBack Selected as 2011 Small Business Technology Finalist

    July, 2011

    BuzzBack Featured in the “GRIT Top 50” research firms

    March, 2011

    BuzzBack’s Kim Fass recognized as Rising Star by ARF

    December, 2010

    Concept Focus™ nominated for the 2010 MRS/ASC Award for Technology Effectiveness

    March, 2010

    Elizabeth White recognized as Rising Star by ARF

    December, 2009

    Martin Oxley named Fellow of Market Research Society

    October, 2009

    BuzzBack and Kraft named 2009 EXPLOR award finalists

    March, 2009

    Brendan Light receives Great Mind Award for Innovation from the ARF

  • faqs

    How does BuzzBack work?
    We know the power of your opinion! By joining our panel and providing your feedback on products and services, you will have the ability to shape future products and services. Once you register on our site and tell us a little bit about yourself, your preferences will be matched to unique survey opportunities. Take as many or as few surveys as you’d like and earn rewards for your input. The more survey opportunities you participate in, the more rewards you earn!
    What can I earn for completing surveys?
    We are proud to offer a diverse reward program to thank you for your time. From magazine subscriptions* to Amazon gift codes**, our program is second to none! Our panel team directly sources some of the most popular electronically-fulfilled rewards including, but not limited to, MP3 downloads, PayPal and over 125 unique merchant gift codes representing top brands around the world. In addition to these rewards, you may also donate your reward to a wide variety of global charity organizations. For our gamers, we have also added virtual gaming gift codes, including Mafia Wars, Farmville and Rixty virtual currency. These virtual gaming currencies are wildly popular within social media sites such as Facebook and other major online gaming properties. The key to our success is a rewards program as diverse as our members! *Depending on geography, magazine subscriptions may not be available. Magazine subscriptions are set at varying reward levels. At each level a different set of magazines are available to redeem. **Amazon.com is not a sponsor of this promotion. Amazon, Amazon.com, and the Amazon.com logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. Amazon.com Gift Cards ("GCs") may be used only to purchase eligible goods on Amazon.com or its affiliated website Endless.com. GCs cannot be redeemed for purchases of gift certificates or cards, or for items from some third party sellers. GCs cannot be reloaded, resold, transferred for value, redeemed for cash, or applied to any other account. For complete GC terms and conditions, see http://www.amazon.com/gc-legal. GCs are issued and © 2010 by ACI Gift Cards, Inc., a Washington company.
    How long will it take to complete a survey?
    We know your time is valuable, so we aim to keep most surveys between 15-20 minutes. There will be times we offer a shorter survey as well as a longer survey. To help you understand what time commitment is involved, we will always inform you of the expected time it will take to complete each survey up front.
    How often can I participate?
    We will send you invitations when we have a survey for which we think you might qualify. We usually send out new surveys every few weeks.
    I live outside the U.S. – can I still participate?
    We will have surveys that require the participation of our international panel members. If you are a member of the international community, you will be invited to applicable surveys as they arrive. We will continuously add more surveys for our international panel members.
    Do I need special software to do BuzzBack sessions with eCollage?
    Yes. You will need to make sure you have the most recent version of Flash Player installed on your computer.
    Why didn’t I qualify for this BuzzBack?
    The criteria and content of each survey is determined by the needs of each specific client. As the nature of each survey is different, you will find that the experience is different. For instance, a quick survey to gather feedback on a new product release will be less onerous than a longer survey to review a new product ad. Completing the Profilers will help to ensure you receive surveys that are most enjoyable for you. Sometimes our clients are looking for very specific segments of the population. You may or may not qualify for every survey that is sent to you.
    How can I improve my chances of qualifying?
    Each survey we send you is tailored to fit your interests and experience. We use the data you provided us when you registered, as well as your Profiles, to send you the most relevant surveys. Completing the Profiles from start to finish will allow us to serve up the most significant amount of pertinent surveys. Please be sure to also check your spam folder and add support@surveyhelpcenter.com to your list of approved senders.
    How do I cash out?
    Once you have reached the minimum threshold required, a "Cash Out" button will appear on your Rewards tab. Simply click on the "Cash Out" button and you will be able to redeem your rewards. All redemptions will be fulfilled within 4-6 weeks.
    How do I unsubscribe from BuzzBack?
    In the unfortunate event you decide this isn’t for you, you can deactivate your account with us at any time. Log into My Account and you will find unsubscribe information at the bottom of the page. When you unsubscribe, we will instantly remove you from our systems and you will stop receiving communications from us. To reactivate your account, please e-mail your request to Customer Service and we will reinstate your account within 2 business days.