• tools we use

    we start with a hIghly visual approach that engages respondents and makes the survey experience fun

    For over 10 years, we have been innovating online research with the introduction of new tools that reinvent traditional research techniques online. We have won numerous awards because our tools deliver richer insight and understanding – even capturing emotions and the kinds of learning not typically found in an online environment.

    We start with a highly visual approach that engages respondents and makes the survey experience fun. And research shows our surveys are more engaging so consumers give feedback that is richer, personal, and emotional.

  • Blobs

    Character images help consumers reveal underlying feelings, brand imagery, and experiences. Developed by a counselor, Pip Wilson, as a way to facilitate conversation with children during therapy, this exercise helps respondents articulate how they feel. They select the character that expresses their emotions and explain why.

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  • Concept Focus

    Concept Focus is a precision highlighting tool that marks the next generation of online concept optimization.

    With Concept Focus, respondents can specifically highlight what is meaningful to them, rather than selecting from pre-defined, discrete content areas. It offers new ways to dissect an idea into its core elements, leading to better understanding of overall performance. Knowing these specifics helps you to identify the words, phrases, and imagery that drive appeal – for ads, packaging, website ideas, and more.

    Our proprietary reporting provides fast and actionable analysis. You can view detailed respondent level data (or markups), and gain a visual picture of aggregate learnings through heat maps. Only Concept Focus empowers researchers to find insights other tools and techniques cannot.

    nominated as 2010 MRS award finalist, Concept Focus provides greater specificity

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  • eCollage™

    Most of human expression is non-verbal and most decision-making happens in the sub-conscious. To better understand consumer insights we need to go from hearing what consumers are saying to understanding what they are feeling. With BuzzBack eCollage™, you can do just that; pictures act as catalysts to express emotion. This means you can get under the skin of the consumer’s decision making process. Follow-up probes allow respondents to contextualize the personal association they have with images. BuzzBack eCollage™ digs deeper, explores previously uncharted territory, and returns richer personal expression. In fact, our research has shown that using eCollage™ with open-ended follow-up delivers up to twice as much verbal playback as standard open-ends alone.

    BuzzBack eCollage™ digs deeper, explores previously uncharted territory


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  • Hive

    BuzzBack Hive

    Meaningful Connections. Iterative Interactions. Deeper Insights.

    BuzzBack Hive is a new, online social forum that lets you connect and interact with consumers through shared experiences via short-term communities. Ideal for consumer deep dives, exploration, concept building and co-creation. BuzzBack Hive is designed to foster iterative collaboration through:

    Blogs                                              Time-phased exercises

    Idea building                                     Short polls

    Photo sharing                                   Mobile exercises

    And only BuzzBack Hive integrates our award-winning tools such as eCollage™ and Concept Focus into a fun, creative, socially-collaborative environment. To see how BuzzBack Hive better connects with consumers to solve brand challenges, ask for
    our free case study or view our latest webinar featuring Hive.






    Connect +

    Connect Again

    Understand more about consumer behavior in a unique, moderated social environment with multiple interactions

    Collaborate +


    Develop better concepts as consumers share experiences and iterate ideas over time

    Engage +


    Uncover hidden emotions and unarticulated feelings with BuzzBack’s innovative visual and projective techniques


  • LAB – Language & Behavior Analysis

    BuzzBack is a pioneer in the use of Language and Behavior (LAB) profiling, a linguistic technique that identifies frequently occurring language patterns in verbatim text. The technique is derived from the field of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and uses the language patterns in the profile to reveal how consumers think and behave in a specific context. Particularly for studies employing BuzzBack eCollage. LAB provides additional learning on influencing language.

  • Scene Builder

    Scene Builder, a new way to engage and bring your brand to life. Ask respondents to create the bedroom for your brand or fill the bag of the person who uses your product. Even customize your own. This exercise helps them articulate feelings or subconscious thoughts not cued from traditional open ended questions. Reporting helps you visualize what they are thinking.

    Click on the images to see a bedroom and/or a backpack demo.

  • Thought Bubble

    At BuzzBack we have re-engineered Thought Bubbles and other enabling techniques for the online world. When consumers participate in these imaginary scenarios online, they enjoy a sense of freedom and creative expression that exceeds traditional uses of these techniques. The result is richer consumer learning and insight. Choose from one of our existing visual scenarios or we will custom design one that best meets your research goal.

    With Thought Bubble you can:

    • Have respondents create a dialogue or project what two
      people are thinking
    • Customize scenes to your research needs and scenarios
    • Use visual stimuli to trigger richer responses
    • Keep respondents engaged longer

    choose from hundreds of different designs in our library

    Click on the image to view a demo

  • Verbatim Viewer

    Verbatim Viewer makes the volume of unstructured consumer language from open-ended responses more manageable, so we, and you, can distill valuable insights. It allows you to quickly sort through hundreds of verbatim in a strategic way, surfacing vital themes, nuggets and metaphors that would otherwise be lost. Verbatim Viewer is an award-winning, Web 2.0 application that uses word clouds as a navigational techniques. With it you are able to identify linguistic metaphors and understand the context of key words and phrases.

    With Verbatim Viewer you can:

    • Quickly see key themes by open end
    • Filter by single word or groups of words to view context
    • View top phrases to find metaphors
    • Easily filter common words, such as the, and, etc.