How Life is Changing in the Age of Coronavirus

Wave 11 - Week of 1 June

This week a closer look at feelings around easing restrictions in the US & UK, as behaviors and emotions change.
See you next Friday as we take a look at snacking and eating habits.



clean infographic

The majority of people continue to think it will take longer than
5 months for life to go back to normal.




Optimism about outcomes is still low,
but shows a slight increase.

optimism slight increase


Many are still concerned about a second peak
of infection, especially in suburban/urban areas.

second peak of infections


US consumers slightly less concerned
about restrictions easing...



Top of mind worries...

35% think government has good plan
90% concerned about proximity and shared surfaces
75% concerned about air quality


eCollage found consumers are starting to
have mixed opinions due to...

BuzzBack eCollage elicits imagery and emotional associations via interactive online collaging

eCollage slide


eCollage examples


Blobs again reflect wide range of emotions
toward relaxing restrictions.

Blobs elicit consumer feelings through character associations

blobs slide



There is still some disconnect between what people think is OK
and what they would actually do.

appropriate vs personally comfortable

air quality concerns

mask wearing