How Life is Changing in the Age of Coronavirus

Wave 14 - Week of 22 June

This week we revisit how skincare habits are changing in the US & UK, along with
behavioral and emotional shifts
. See you next Friday as we see how telehealth has evolved.



clean infographic

Perceived length of impact (5 months)
has jumped up to a new peak in the US.




Confidence in government has remained
about the same since last week.

confidence in government


As has optimism about outcomes.



Many continue to be concerned about
a second peak of infection.

concern of a second peak of infection

More in the UK feel comfortable socializing
with those not in their household.



Women are still wearing less makeup and
both men & women are focusing more on skincare.

skincare habits



However, COVID19 has caused
more challenges for skincare.

skincare challenges



Top 3 product wishes for skincare:



A healthier skincare regime is still desirable...



...however snacking has also increased,
especially among UK citizens.

snacking more during covid19