How Life is Changing in the Age of Coronavirus

Wave 15 - Week of 29 June

This week we take a closer look at teleheath in the US & UK, as consumer behaviors & emotions
. See you next Friday as we see how reactions to easing restrictions vary by region.



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Perceived length of impact (5 months)
continues its steady increase.




Confidence in government remained the same in the US,
but increased slightly in the UK.




While optimism in outcomes is increasing slightly
in the US and fading in the UK.



Many continue to be concerned about
a second peak of infection.

second peak of infection


However many, especially in the UK, also feel more comfortable
socializing with those not in their household
as well as socializing outdoors.



Telehealth before, during, and after COVID19:

70% never tried telehealth
30% have tried telehealth
20% won't use telehealth in the future


Some have continued in-person doctor visits since the virus began.



Those who had telehealth appointments went for:

reasons for telehealth


Advantages to using telehealth include:

telehealth advantages


With some disadvantages:

telehealth disadvantages


Telehealth usage expected to increase and become
more advanced, but concerns about being the new normal.

telethealth future