How Life is Changing in the Age of Coronavirus

Wave 17 - Week of 13 July

This week we take a closer look at how travel and vacations are impacted
in the US & UK, as consumer behaviors & emotions change.
See you next Friday for our last weekly tracker as we look at differences in attitude by generation.



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Perceived length of impact (5 months)
continues to grow and has reached a new high.




Confidence in government remains about the same.




Optimism also remains low.



The majority continue to be concerned about
a second peak of infection.



need to getaway


travel plans


Concerns around travel:

80% worry others won't follow rules
65% concerned about catching the virus
60% think it's too early


travel concerns


Those who are traveling are doing so because:

reasons for traveling


How they're traveling:

how they're traveling


The precautions they're taking:

precautions when traveling



Reflections on travel before and after
COVID19 through eCollageTM:

BuzzBack eCollage elicits imagery and emotional associations via interactive online collaging

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eCollage quotes