How Life is Changing in the Age of Coronavirus

Wave 18 - Week of 20 July

With a look at attitudinal differences by generation in the US & UK, this is our last weekly. We are going monthly!
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Perceived length of impact continues to increase;
only a small minority think the virus will be over by Christmas.




Confidence in government has dropped
further in the UK.




Optimism continues to remain low.



A second peak of infection is still
a main concern for many.



All age groups feel comfortable socializing outside their
household and outdoors, especially in the UK.

what people feel comfortable doing


They also share the same concerns & hopes
about the present and the future.

Blobs elicit consumer feelings through character associations



Reflections on life one month ago and
looking ahead through eCollageTM:

Buzzback eCollage elicits imagery and emotional associations via interactive online collaging

eCollage quotes



However, there are some differences across generations.

generational differences


While a low percentage,
more 18-29 year-olds feel
they should be able to
socialize more & that it
wouldn't be a big deal
to get the virus.


young ones should be able to socialize more


young ones should act more responsibly


Those 60+ especially
think younger people
need to act more responsibly
about spreading the virus.


Most agree older people
need to be more careful
than younger ones when
it comes to going out.


older ones should be more careful