How Life is Changing in the Age of Coronavirus

Wave 19 - Month of August

This month we take a closer look at entertainment. More specifically, how TV and video streaming
habits have been impacted
in the US & UK, as consumer behaviors & emotions change.


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The majority (8 in 10) still think the virus impact
will last longer than 5 months.




Confidence in government has increased,
more so in the US.




Optimism has also improved.



More in the UK are concerned about
a second peak of infection.



More people are watching more TV.

watching more TV


New behaviors include:

44% purchased new service
50% looking for new options
48% watching different content


The streaming services they're using:

what they're using


what they're purchasing


What they would do to improve streaming services:

streaming improvements


What they're watching:

what they're watching


However while streaming seems to be here to stay,
most consumers don't see their viewing habits
sticking around post-COVID.

look ahead