How Life is Changing in the Age of Coronavirus

Wave 25 - March 2021

A year into the pandemic, we wanted to check in with US & UK consumers about their financial situation. What, if any impact have they experienced and what are their attitudes going forward?


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How Long Will This Go On?

w25 5 months
5 months w25


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Confidence in government
has remained the same
in both the US & UK

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UK consumers are slightly less
about the outcome of the
Coronavirus crisis. US stays the same.

As Vaccinations & Variants Are on the Rise,
Are There Concerns With Reopening?

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The Financial Impact of COVID



3 in 10 financial situation worse


The COVID Haves  &  The Have Nots

How Do Their Concerns Differ?

Those who feel their financial situation is better or about the same prior to COVID are looking for ways to make their money go further. Those who are worse off are concerned with staying afloat during the pandemic, including keeping up with regular payments. 

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Attitudes & Emotions

The Haves

Those who see themselves as better off may still face financial problems but remain optimistic.
Those whose finances are about the same may still be struggling in other ways.

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The Have Nots

Those who feel they are worse off as a result of the coronavirus outbreak were previously
hopeful and content with their
lives, and are now facing uncertainty and stress.

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  Preferred Payment Methods

Debit cards, credit cards and E-wallet are the most preferred
mode of payments in both markets

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Overall people are satisfied with their bank,
but are looking for help with...

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