How Life is Changing in the Age of Coronavirus

Wave 26 - April 2021

One year has passed since COVID has upended our lives, but some things are starting to change. Is it too soon to get hopeful? We asked US & UK residents to reflect on this past year and to look towards the future - and to tell us what they're really feeling about it all.


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How Long Will This Go On?

5 months headline - w26
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confidence circle helping hands

Confidence in government
has decreased in the US
and risen in the UK since March.

optimism new sunset

Optimism about the
outcome of the Coronavirus
crisis has remained stable. 

Looking back

About half feel the worst is behind them

WORST is behind them



Mapping their journey

Using our patient journey mapping and eCollageTM techniques, consumers selected journey pathways and images and described their journeys over the past year. Through analysis, four distinct segments emerged.

4 segments



rollercoaster downhill constant loopy

“Lockdown one I struggled a lot mentally. Living alone was tough. I found some things to keep me occupied and completed a course. Then had to go through tests for months with a diagnosis of MS all on my own. But now enjoying life a bit more.”

Female, 33, UK

“I felt optimistic at first, but now I’m just over the whole thing and depressed. I feel like the hits just keep coming.”

Female, 33, US

“Every day since the pandemic it has been the same - meaningless tedium of being stuck indoors with nothing to do but read, go online and what have you.”

, 43, UK

“I did my best to stay away from COVID. But a lot of people just kept going on with their daily lives not caring about others and what they might be doing to help spread COVID, such as not wearing a mask and touching things unnecessarily. I'm still a bit scared to this day, not for myself but for my family.”

Male, 22, UK




Most believe the vaccine rollout is going faster than expected




A majority will not feel comfortable stopping COVID
precautions as soon as they receive the vaccine

comfortable after vax


Looking to the Future

Both markets are increasingly feeling as if things should begin to open up

open up




  Most anticipate a post COVID world looking very different than a pre COVID world


 different world post covid


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Consumer Sentiment – Looking Back & Looking Ahead

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