How Life is Changing in the Age of Coronavirus

Wave 27 - May 2021

How will life with COVID merge with our post-COVID lives? This month we asked US & UK consumers to reflect on how aspects of their lives changed during the pandemic and how they plan to move forward in the future.


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How Long Will This Go On?

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Confidence in government
has fluctuated over time,
sometimes dramatically.

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Optimism about the
outcome of the Coronavirus
crisis has remained stable. 

Are we open yet?

Both markets feel as if things should open,
a big increase in the US since the last wave.

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Comfort levels

People are comfortable resuming some activities with other vaccinated people,
but many are still uncomfortable attending indoor events, such as movies.

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COVID vaccines & variants

Concerns that current vaccines may not treat emerging
variants of COVID-19 are dwindling.

variants concern


Interacting with others is tough for some

After a year of isolation some have developed social anxiety.

social anxiety


Planning for the future

Most are wanting to pick up right where we left off prior to 2020.

excited for life to go back


However, 50-60% want to change aspects of their life post-COVID.

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Very few people want to work in an office full-time post COVID

work in office



Stay tuned... Next month we'll be diving in to the future of work.

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