How Life is Changing in the Age of Coronavirus

Wave 28 - June 2021

As US & UK office workers begin to navigate their post-pandemic work-life balance, we asked them to share their behaviors, expectations, and wishes going forward. 


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How Long Will This Go On?

5 months headline w 28
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Confidence in the UK
government dropped 10%,
US holds steady.

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Optimism about the
outcome of the crisis rises
in the US and falls in the UK. 


Work in the Age of COVID

75% of office workers in both markets were able to work remotely during Covid.

pre covid office workers

Work from Home Experiences

Experiences were generally positive, but some say they were lonely.

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Back-to-Work Policies

A majority say their companies have a back-to-work policy in place. 

policy in place



Policy Particulars

A majority report their companies are requiring their return to work, and about a quarter are giving people the option.


final policy particulars

Policies Are Mostly Positive

Whether their return is required or optional, people are mostly happy with their back-to-work policies.

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The Future of Work

Working from home during COVID has not only shifted our ideals but also our expectations. 

ideal and expectations


WANTED: New Job Opportunities 

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Most workers anticipate less business travel going forward.

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