How Life is Changing in the Age of Coronavirus

Wave 30 - August 2021

The Delta variant is changing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Restrictions being lifted and being vaccinated have improved some outlooks in the UK, while the rise in the Delta variant has the US feeling down.


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How Long Will This Go On?

A majority believe the virus will last longer than the next 5 months -
US increases, while the UK decreases 10% from the previous month.

5 months
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Confidence in the UK
government bounces back,
while the US remains stable.

optimism new sunset

Optimism about the outcome
of the crisis rises slightly in
the UK and dips in the US. 


Concern is Shifting

 The Delta variant has increased concerns in the US and decreased in the UK.

increased concerns



One Month Ago vs Now

Using eCollageTM, we understand why some feelings differ in the US and UK from one month ago to now. 

Buzzback eCollageTM elicits imagery and emotional associations via interactive online collaging.


ecollage then and now



People are likely to avoid large gatherings due to the Delta variant.

large gatherings

Feelings & Beliefs

Few are comfortable being exposed to COVID even if they are vaccinated.



A majority are upset with people choosing not to get vaccinated.

upset not vaxxed



Vaccine mandates are supported in both markets by more than half.

 vax mandate

Mask mandates are supported slightly more than vaccine mandates.

mask mandate5


Who Believes What?

Some groups stood out for their beliefs.  

segments 3



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