How Life is Changing in the Age of Coronavirus

Wave 5 - Week of 20 April

At BuzzBack, understanding consumers is what we're about - who they are and how they live - their behaviors, feelings and fears.
Here's Wave 5 - this week with a focus on how skincare habits are changing among consumers in the US & UK, as behaviors and emotions change.



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The number of people who don't know anyone
who has/had the virus continues to decrease.

coronavirus is hitting closer to home


Optimism has declined,
especially in UK.

decline in optimism again


And confidence in government also
decreased in UK (though higher vs US).

confidence in government


When asked how COVID19 is affecting
skincare, 3 groups emerge:

New Normal

Routines changing to match new lifestyle and new behaviors,
such as working from home, more hand washing, and less social contact.

new normal quotes


Stress-induced breakouts and lack of access to products.
Struggling to maintain healthy skin during a difficult time.

sufferer quotes

Same Old

They can carry on with normal skincare routines.

same old quotes


women are wearing less makeup

researching skincare