How Life is Changing in the Age of Coronavirus

Wave 6 - Week of 27 April

At BuzzBack, understanding consumers is what we're about - who they are and how they live - their behaviors, feelings and fears.
Here's Wave 6 - this week with a focus on how those living with chronic illness in the US & UK are impacted, as behaviors and emotions change.



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More people are starting to believe this situation
will go on for LONGER than 5 months

US virus will go on longer than 5 months
UK virus will go on longer than 5 months


But there is less concern about healthcare access,
perhaps due to adapting to new arrangements.

56% worry about healthcare access
40% worry about access to meds
53% worry about testing

For people with chronic illness, healthcare appointments
in past six weeks are a different story

a few went ahead with appointments

30% / 40%

ongoing health appointments
converted to telehealth (phone or video)

*US / UK*


Most (over 80%) had a positive experience,
but there is still room for improvement.

telehealth feelings



had ongoing health appointments
cancelled or postponed indefinitely

*US & UK*



Cancelled appointments trigger
a range of emotions

emotions over cancelled appointments


Overall, of those living with chronic illness...

50% feel unaffected
20% feel negatively impacted