Life in the Age of Coronavirus

Wave 7 - Week of 4 May

At BuzzBack, understanding consumers is what we're about - who they are and how they live - their behaviors, feelings and fears. Here's Wave 7 - this week with a focus on how the mental health of consumers in the US & UK is impacted, as behaviors and emotions change. Be sure to check back every Friday for insights fielded the same week.



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The majority still believe the COVID crisis
will go on for LONGER than 5 months.

US more than 5 months
UK more than 5 months


Less than half are optimistic about outcomes.

optimism continues to decline


As a result of COVID19...

53% feel more lonely
47% claim mental health is suffering
56% say their mood has worsened


The main drivers negatively impacting mood include...

negative drivers of mood



20% / 28% also upset about missing out
on significant milestone or event

word cloud

bad days

good days


Mood changes vary from very little change
to dramatic plummets and fluctuations.

mood swings