How Life is Changing in the Age of Coronavirus

Wave 9 - Week of 18 May

Here's Wave 9 - with a focus on alcoholic beverage consumption among consumers in the US & UK, as behaviors and emotions change.
See you next Friday as we look at how consumers feel about the easing Coronavirus restrictions.



clean infographic

The number of people who think it will take longer than 5 months
for daily life to go back to normal continues to grow.




Confidence in the government
dropped even lower in the UK.



Overall alcohol consumption
has increased during COVID19.




Drinking habits pre-COVID are changing...

40% drinking more on weekdays
30% drinking earlier in the day
30% drinking more


A small minority (~5%) have
stopped drinking due to...

not drinking quotes


Triggers for drinking elicited
via BuzzBack eCollageTM...

BuzzBack eCollage elicits imagery and emotional associations via interactive online collaging


trying to relax
at the end of the day.



trying to alleviate
stress & boredom.



virtual drinking
with friends & family.

virtual drinking


negative thinking.

negative thoughts
what they're drinking


And they're getting more experimental with
trying new types of alcohol (~30%)
and new brands (~30%)...



...while others are more focused on price & value