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February 2023


What makes a brand trustworthy?

Is trust important to people when making purchase decisions? What attributes matter most?

Scroll down to see what consumers say about brand trust.

You'll find the current state of happiness and optimism in the US and UK at the bottom of the page.


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Brand trust is key for purchase

1 Importance of brand trust-1


Quality, reliability and service rule


2 ABC of trust-1


Top 10 most trusted brands


3 Top trusted brands


Broken brand trust? Here's what consumers do


4 Reaction to break-1


ESG initiatives strongly impact brand trust


5 Mid level factors-1


Least trusted brands


6 Least trusted brands


Celebrity spokespeople have little impact on brand trust



7 Celebritties-2



Happiness and Optimism 


Happiness is steady



Optimism rising


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