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March 2023

Is telehealth here to stay?

Prior to the pandemic, telehealth was nascent. COVID accelerated usage, but now what?

We asked people if they were using telehealth, and if so, how and why they were using it. 

You'll find the current state of happiness and optimism in the US and UK at the bottom of the page.


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Telehealth adoption varies

1 Adoption varies-2


How patients are using telehealth


2 What telehealth is used for


Top motivations for telehealth use


3 Motivators-2


Telehealth use by choice or force?  

4 Appreciation vs Force-2


What patients dislike about telehealth


5 Dislikes about telehealth-2


Main reason for NOT trying telehealth


6 Top detractors-2


Health tools patients use at home



7 Health tools-2



Happiness and Optimism 


Happiness up in the US, down in the UK



Optimism down slightly


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