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Wave 1 - May 2022


We've changed the name! Trying to push past COVID – but still get ahead with the more timely and relevant content you've experienced the past two years.

Introducing the buzz – I know  a play on our name.  Why not leverage our brand and 20+ year reputation surfacing insights and emotions to fast track your innovation. Showcasing our interactive visualization and storytelling to drive your business forward.

This month we tackle personal finances the impact of inflation and global supply chain issues on individual finances.



clean infographic

Consumers are happy and optimistic about personal life

Happy in personal life


At least two-thirds in the US and UK agree...


Normal Summer



But when it comes to global issues, concern triumphs over optimism

Global Concerns



Especially around finances, as basic necessities are less affordable

Unaffordable Necessities-2

Shopping behavior is adjusting to buying less, cheaper, smarter

Less Cheaper Smarter


Consumers are in saving mode




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