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“I appreciate how difficult is to wrangle findings from multiple countries into a coherent global perspective. The team did an exceptional job keeping things on track. The report and analysis were great. ”

Consumer Insights Lead
Major Skin Care Company

How a Major Skin Care Brand Better Identified its Core Consumer

The What
Tight timeline. Challenging markets. The team needed to better understand its core consumer segment – especially products she uses, what she needs, how to talk to her.

So What
This deep dive approach included online forums in 4 markets, including Saudi Arabia where face-to-face research could not be done with women (at the time). Buzzback creative and projective techniques, such as eCollageTM and Configurator, elicited her attitudes, but also her emotions for how she feels about her skin and her desires for better care.

Now What
Parallel forums in 4 markets, enabled the team to uncover more about her in a short amount of time. In particular, they discovered emotional needs for both body and facial care driving brand choices, with photos to enable the brand team to visualize local market players. Optimization of messaging ideas provided direction on how to talk to her, becoming the foundation of the brand market positioning.

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