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Express FAQ's

What is Express?

Express is our automated insights platform for quick turnaround. It’s easy and intuitive, with best-practice methodologies and buzzback’s proprietary techniques to get you powerful insights, fast.

What can Express test?
The Express platform has 7 testing modules:
  • Idea Screening
  • Concepts
  • Claims
  • Naming
  • Flavors/Variants
  • Packaging
  • Advertising
What makes Express different?

Express was developed as a way to streamline buzzback's tried and true solutions & proven research methodologies that we've utilized for 23+ years to save you time and give you incredible insights. 

Buzzback’s proprietary tools & techniques are integrated throughout Express:

  • Swipe: For each idea, consumers intuitively swipe left or right to say whether they like it or not.
  • Concept Focus: Consumers mark aspects of each concept they find both appealing and unappealing and explain why.
  • Online Shelf: Consumers navigate a virtual shelf representing the product category’s in-store aisle and are asked to find a specific package.
  • Thought Bubble: Consumers are asked to give 3 words to describe the idea to a friend in their own words, eliciting consumer associations helpful in optimizing.
Express plans
Express is available in both DIY and Serviced formats. With both plans, you'll have access to:
  • An automated dashboard, with interactive reporting & filtering
  • AI-generated word clouds, sentiment analysis, google image tagging & text to voice
  • One-click reporting to PPT, PDF or XLS formats
With the Serviced plan, buzzback's experienced team of researchers will handle everything for you for a stress-free experience. Plus you'll receive a key findings summary report written by our experts, as well as additional custom reporting on cross-market comparisons, sub-groups and open ends for additional cost.

Enterprise plans are also available - for more info contact

Getting started with Express

With 90-second setup, getting started with Express is easy! After setting up your account, you'll choose your study type, select your audience, upload your testing content, and launch. Your survey is live immediately. 

Should you need assistance, please contact

How long does it take to receive results?

Insights are available within the Express dashboard in real-time, starting as soon as your survey launches. The final report is available within a few hours to a couple of days, depending on your audience.

What audiences can Express reach?

Express offers global reach, giving you access to millions of consumers with an emphasis on respondent integrity.

You can target consumers based on standard demographics, plus category, brand usage and more – even set quotas to your key consumer segments and customize your screener. 

Translated markets and dual-language studies

Express allows you to test in most markets. You’ll need to add a week to the timeline if you want more than automated translations or a human touch. If you have a question about global feasibility, please contact the buzzback team at

How does reporting work?

Your Express dashboard is your hub for reviewing all your insights in one place. With filtering capabilities, you can compare concepts side-by-side, look at each one individually, or see how the concepts compare to the overall average. 

Creating customizable reports for quick sharing is easy. With one-click you can export to PPT, PDF or XLS formats. 


Express is great for lean budgets and fast turns. If you opt for the automated DIY plan, you'll be prompted to enter payment info when it is time to launch your survey. Pricing is calculated based on a number of factors including study type, size, audience and market and will vary from project to project. 

If you are on a Serviced plan, we will invoice you for your project prior to launch. 

Secure payment is handled via the Stripe commerce engine.

Pricing questions or want to pay by Purchase Order? Email

What other solutions does buzzback offer?

Buzzback has been helping clients drive growth through consumer insights and innovation since 2000. In addition to Express, we offer custom research solutions to meet any business need. 

If you are not under time or budget constraints or have a more complex objective, consider a custom project. To inquire about how we can help, please email with your project details.


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