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Express Solutions


Express (2272 × 600 px) (12)-1

Idea Screen

Screen your early-stage ideas with our mobile friendly Swipe approach. Get in-the-moment, contextual reactions to your ideas from consumers. 

Projectives: Swipe, Concept Focus


Evaluate concepts with key metrics and attributes. Concept Focus projective provides targeted feedback so you can determine highest in-market potential.

Projectives: Concept Focus, Thought Bubble, Preference

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Artboard 3


Land on the perfect name for your product with monadic and sequential monadic testing. Respondents react to key metrics/attribute agreement.

Projectives: Thought Bubble, Preference


Evaluate which claims have the most in-market potential with key metrics and attributes. MaxDiff estimates scores for each of the claims.

Projectives: Thought Bubble, Concept Focus


Flavors & Variants

Wow the senses with flavors testing - also appropriate for fragrances. Utilize sequential monadic,  MaxDiff, and TURF methodologies to identify clear winners. 

Projectives: Thought Bubble, Preference


Determine if your pack breaks through on the shelf, and see how respondents interact with your pack in-store using our online shelf tool.

Projectives: Shelf, Concept Focus, Preference

Express (2272 × 600 px) (8)-1

Advertising & Messaging

Never take a gamble with your advertising strategy again. Test both video and static ads to uncover exactly what respondents like and dislike.

Projectives: Thought Bubble, Concept Focus, Preference

Projective Techniques

Questions on what our unique projective techniques for each solution entail? 


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