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Uncover Emotions

Unique Projectives

You’ll discover new ways to unlock System 1, implicit, and latent behaviors with buzzback’s proprietary tools & techniques integrated throughout Express. These are fun, creative, and interactive, with an emphasis on engaging consumers in immersive experiences.
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Think of a dating app, but for ideas. Consumers intuitively swipe left or right to say whether they like an idea or not. Instinctive reactions combined with consumer feedback will to help you determine interest levels. 


Concept Focus

Consumers mark aspects of each concept they find both appealing and unappealing and explain why. 


Online Shelf

Consumers navigate a virtual shelf representing the product category’s in-store aisle and are asked to find a specific package.


Thought Bubble

Consumers are asked to give 3 words they would use to describe the idea to a friend in their own words, eliciting consumer associations helpful in optimizing.

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