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Choose from Sequential Monadic (TURF), Sequential Monadic, MaxDiff. Listed modes depend on the number of items uploaded.
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You can evaluate up to 30 items (flavors, fragrances, benefits, features, variants).


Sequential Monadic

Respondents will view several items, randomly selected, and react to key metrics and attribute agreement. They will then select their preferred item from the ones evaluated. Ideal for 2-30 items.

Sequential Monadic (TURF)

TURF analysis is used to determine the best combinations of a given number of items by maximizing unduplicated reach. If included, respondents will evaluate all items (max 15) and TURF analysis is an option for reporting. Ideal for 2-15 items.


MaxDiff is an advanced analytics technique designed to obtain preference/importance scores (utilities) for multiple options of a single item (such as items, product features, claims, etc.). Respondents view a subset of options, and are then asked to indicate which one is "best" and which is "worst". MaxDiff uses respondent's choices to estimate scores for each of the items/options. Ideal for 10-30 items.

buzzback Projective: Thought Bubble
With Thought Bubble, respondents describe the concept in three words.
Buzzback Projective: Concept Focus
With Concept Focus, respondents mark up what they like and dislike and describe why.
Buzzback Projective: Preference
Respondents will select their preferences and indicate why. Only available if the Sequential Monadic or Sequential Monadic (TURF) modes are selected.
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