How do consumers manage their health?

In earlier research we uncovered two approaches to managing health - proactive and passive. In this new study, we sought to build on those learnings to identify key segments, based on how consumers approach and manage their health. We identified four primary segments, each comprising about 1/4 of the sample.

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Three main factors influence the segments.

While proactivity and passivity can describe how these groups approach their health, time and cost also impact their approach.




Let's get to know the segments!

Below are the four segments, with insights into what health means to them, what motivates them and what holds them back.


Active Amanda

Amanda is highly proactive with her health and confident in her knowledge and ability to navigate the healthcare world on her own. Amanda is the healthiest of the four segments, with 77% reporting good health.


Conflicted Carl

Carl trusts in his ability to research healthcare products but also finds health information confusing. Time and cost are big factors for this group's health. Carl is mostly healthy, with 62% reporting good health. 



Dependent Denise

Denise relies on HCPs for most of her healthcare decisions and time and cost are not huge factors for her health.  This is the second healthiest group, with 74% reporting good health. However, 34% of this group reports cardiovasular disease, more than double any other group.



Indifferent Ian

Ian is the least healthy group, with only 48% reporting good health. Ian is passive in his healthcare, reacts more often than prevents, and he isn't confident in his healthcare knowledge. 



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