Concept Development Solutions

Test & learn the new mantra? Next-gen tools for concept development

There’s so much more to the story than scores & numbers

Sure, predictive metrics are important but outdated methods miss consumer micro moments captured in real-time, on the go, on the phone, and in context. Our concept development solutions test ideas the way today’s consumers move through life, learn, and shop, using mobile, video and text. Quickly and efficiently screen & optimize ideas with one of our proven methods.

Screen. Capture. Optimize. Advance.
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Document real life to spot real opportunity in real-time

Chronicle how consumers live, learn and buy to fill unmet needs.

  • Who is my target?
  • What products do they use?
  • What are unmet needs & why?
  • How do I ideate & co-create?
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Greenlight the strongest ideas with fast, efficient, contextual feedback

Get implicit reactions and rich, relevant, in-the-moment insights.

  • How do I narrow a range of ideas quickly?
  • Which are top and bottom performers & why?
  • Are my ideas unique?
  • Which are breakthrough?
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See. Hear. Improve. Conquer. (or Win? Or Activate?)

Evaluation tools that empower consumers to show and tell you how to improve your idea & win at the moment of truth.

  • What does the concept communicate & why?
  • Would they buy it? Why?
  • Is the language right?
  • Will it change behavior?
  • What need does it fill?
Ideal For Early Stage Screening

This new approach helps us move faster and more effectively into mobile techniques, and it’s ideal for early stage screening.

Innovation Director,
Impressed Everybody In Our Company

We’ve never done something like this before, testing 83 ideas across 6 markets with over 3.000 respondents - in such a short time. These facts impressed everybody in our company. I have presented this to several audiences already and the response was extremely positive. The most important aspect is however the business impact: Just within 3 months we filled an originally empty innovation pipeline with great short and long term initiatives, with a consumer selection process.

Global Insights Manager
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Idea Screening

How Nestlé Advanced its Early Stage Idea Screening

Making test + learn more efficient with faster timelines and consumer context.

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% 84
Customers say it's important the company they buy from is innovative
% 80
New products fail every year
$ 15000000
The average cost of launching a new product
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