You’re one in a million (SKUs). Ok, more like 40,000… but you still need to break through.

Another design sprint. More pack designs. Less time & resources.

With a blended qual/quant package testing approach, you can isolate which packs win on shelf, online, and in use. Unlike predictive & survey tools, we actively engage consumers through qual techniques to capture contextual insights to discern which pack pops, how consumers navigate the pack, and why. Highlight elements that drive choice, plus uncover refinements to improve performance.

Set your pack up for success, no matter where or how
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Develop more effective packaging at early stages

Learn which messaging and design elements reinforce what your brand stands for, and how to optimize the user experience.

  • What equities does your brand have (communicated via pack)?
  • What are consumer takeaways for brand strengths?
  • How do you evolve to new positioning?
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Select the pack design that drives greatest interest

Test & learn with our hybrid approach to capture which design is most effective, the messaging elements driving interest & why.

  • Which pack design is most appealing? Why?
  • What elements are driving interest? Why?
  • How do consumers navigate the pack (hierarchy)?
  • How can you optimize for future success?
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See & hear how pack forms drive usage

Go beyond flat survey responses and see consumers interact with package designs in real life. Collect verbal, behavioral, emotional insights to optimize designs and new delivery methods to maximize returns.

  • How does pack impact consumption?
  • What are the main benefits? Suggestions for improvement?
  • How do you visualize consumer usage? When, where, how?
Accelerating The Process

When it comes to developing concepts and products, our ‘journey’ sometimes feels like a FULL-ON sprint! Working with buzzback to collapse steps and accelerate the process is the only way we can move forward

Consumer Insights Lead,
The Highest Standards

We are indeed very much satisfied with the outcome, the study delivered the results we were looking for (even if those were not as positive as we might have hoped). The team we worked with is absolutely great and the report we received is up to the highest standards.

Brand Intelligence Manager,
Consumer Electronics Manufacturer
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Design Evaluation

Ricola: pack refinement in record time

How to optimize your pack to improve product break-through.

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% 72
Say packaging design influences purchasing decision
seconds 4
‘Moment of Truth' for pack influence
% 40
Will share an image of your pack on social media if unique or branded
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