Consumer Profiling

Line drawing or a detailed portrait?

It’s All In the Details

Traditional segmentation answers the basic questions - typically consumption, purchase and attitudinal data. But what about why? What motivates her? How do I connect? With a 360° approach, you get rich, contextual customer understanding including who your target is, how they live, and the emotions or lifestyle patterns that trigger behavior.

Learn to Speak the Consumer’s Language
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Uncover unmet needs and white space

Get immersive customer understanding so the everyday will become the everyday go-to.

  • Who she is
  • What motivates her and why
  • What’s emotionally important, how to connect with her
  • Products she uses - the when, where, how, and why
  • Her triggers and barriers
  • Ideas & trends that inspire her


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Get in their heads, win their hearts (and wallets)

Our human-centered approach uses contextual cues and qualitative insights to build a foundational profile for better targeting

  • What is important to her and why
  • Products and brands she trusts and uses, occasions & frequency that drive usage
  • Attitudes about your brand versus competition
  • How to speak her language in messages that connect on a deeply emotional and authentic level
  • Walk in her shoes, see through her eyes
Exceptional Job Keeping Things on Track

I appreciate how difficult is to wrangle findings from multiple countries into a coherent global perspective. The team did an exceptional job keeping things on track. The report and analysis were great.

Consumer Insights Lead
Major Skin Care Company
consumer profiling
Deep Dive (Qual)

How a major skin care brand better identified its core consumer

Visually & emotionally bring to life your target for better positioning.

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% 60
Increase in profitability with consumer centric strategy
% 5
Retention growth yields 25% profitability
X 25
Cost increase to acquire vs retain customer
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