Consumer Journey

To understand their journey, immerse yourself in their experience.

A journey of a thousand details begins with a single blended study

It isn’t a simple straight line between here and there. It’s a story full of meaningful cues, decisions, critical influences & small but significant moments along the way. Intimately understand the consumer journey, what they need, and how they discover, evaluate & choose what they do and buy. Video diaries & engaging online methods uncover intentions, triggers & barriers that influence purchase, usage, sharing, & more.

Convert micro moments into opportunities along their journey
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Identify your most profitable consumer & their path to purchase

More clarity about who shops your category, why, and how, plus ways to surface opportunities to position your brand along the way.

  • Who is the target?
  • How do you understand your target as people first?
  • What products do they use?
  • How do they learn about new products?
  • What are triggers & cues driving choice?
  • How do they select channels?
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Remove roadblocks that keep consumers from buying your brand

Flip the consumer script from “It’s not for me” to “I want it now”.

  • What rational & emotional triggers drive purchase?
  • What brand impressions impact choice?
  • What are barriers & motivators?
  • What are friction points & what do I do about them?
  • Who is doing it well?
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Better connect with with her along her journey

Identify and understand how emotions, images, language, and purchase channels influence decisions as consumers move from discovery to evaluation, from cart to purchase.
  • What are different points on the path to consideration and purchase?
  • Where are opportunities to delight? Areas that frustrate?
  • Are we speaking the right language at different milestones?
Final Report Was Very Well Done and Clearly Laid Out

Good understanding of what we were trying to achieve. The final report was very well done and clearly laid out...

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Major Food Brand
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Consumer Needs

How a major food brand catered to changing consumers

Need a better way to develop your merchandising and activation in-store or online?

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Begin their hunt in digital channels
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When half of repeat buyers make their second purchase
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Feel retailers don't truly know them
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