Advertising & Messaging

Is it a lukewarm “Meh” or “100% yeah!”?

Move from ho-hum to homerun

Our one step. Interactive projective advertising research techniques elicit rational & emotional associations & to identify elements driving interest. Whether winnowing a shortlist or singling out the Big Idea, hear spontaneous feedback, understand relevance, ideate together, and get clarity on optimization.

Learn first-hand how to optimize a winning message
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Harness both rational & emotional power of first impressions

Explore and co-create with consumers to understand how to build a Big Idea for bigger success. Deep dive on consumer reactions to creative directions, learn which ideas are strongest, and how to improve for maximum performance.

  • Does it resonate with the target consumer?
  • What are the verbal, visual and, emotional associations?
  • Does it fit with your desired brand values?
  • What is the language that resonates?
  • How can you move it forward?
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Test & learn which ideas resonate most

Actively engage consumers in selecting the best idea, with rational and emotional connections to the creative, and specific direction on how to improve against brand goals.

  • Which ads stand out and grab attention?
  • Do key messages break through? Which ones?
  • Which ones are strongest performers & why?
  • How can they be improved?
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Move an idea from “Will it sell?” to “It will sell.”

Consumers guide idea development by decoding the most effective visual, verbal & emotional elements of your creative to drive intent and purchase (or to drive interest).

  • Does the ad motivate purchase or interest?
  • Are desired messages clear?
  • How does it make consumers feel?
  • How does it impact brand perceptions?
  • What do you need to do to refine it?
More than we had imagined

We ended up learning a lot more than we had imagined…beyond the information about the creative… it was just a pleasure to work with you. Thank you for being so responsive and flexible.

Senior Marketing Director
Personal Care Company
My New Go-To

The emotional response using both the colors and the blobs is very helpful…helps marketers think of emotional responses to words IN ADDITION TO concepts/ pictures. The best quant message testing I’ve seen & will be my go-to

Associate Director
Mid-Tier Healthcare Company
expedia optimizing ads
Optimizing Ads & Messaging

How Expedia created a more effective message strategy to drive loyalty

New ways to optimize your messaging for greater success.

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X 5
As many people read the headline as read the body copy
% 95
Of purchasing decisions happen in the subconcious
$ 1531
Projected US media & marketing spend per person in 2020
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