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Make sure they buy it so they buy it

Hard metrics soft on details?

Our holistic product claims testing approach gives you clarity on top performers, plus direction on how to iterate language and refine... & on-pack communication. Better articulate a clear and compelling promise to drive interest, appeal & credibility.

Hit them with your best shot
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Yes. No. Why. Fast.

Quickly get at top/bottom performers with clarity around why ideas resonate & the most appealing language to use.

  • Which claims drive greatest interest?
  • What makes a claim better or worse than another?
  • Which combinations of claims give me greatest reach?
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Focusing on the most compelling language

In-depth product claims testing reveals which claims are strong/weak and why, with thorough reporting that reveals effective language, emotive associations & imagery. Easy to interpret visual results for agile strategy optimization.

  • Which claims are best performers & why?
  • What resonates with claims language or phrases & why?
  • How do I strengthen language to make claims better?
The Right Research & Insights

Appreciate all the help from your team to gain the right research and insights to help us better define our clean label strategy.

Senior Brand Manager
Bimbo Bakeries
The Team Was Very Pleased With The Outcomes, Data & Recommendations

The study delivered what we needed to progress on our pack communication. Thank you both and I know the team was very pleased with the outcomes, data and recommendations. This has helped us enormously to identify our packaging claims priorities and some key learnings for us to consider.

Insights Manager
Healthcare Company
Claims Screening

How Bimbo Bakeries optimized claims packaging to evolving health standards

Need to determine which claims will drive greatest interest?

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Step 1
Effective language differentiates to get attention
Step 2
Claims should be proven, supported with technology
Step 3
Legally OK and defendable
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