Tomato. Tomahto. What should you call this thing?

What’s in a name? Definitely more than a survey score.

Memorable. Pronounceable. Relatable. Sure, a static survey can tick off the right boxes. With a proven approach to naming, we deliver visual, verbal and emotional dimensions to clearly illustrate what a name communicates and why. Learn how to name a product with our interactive tools, such as eCollage, to get visceral and visual consumer associations and perceptions that separate the strongest options from the weak.

Nail the name.
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Expert naming consultants

Spark ideas and build consumer consensus as you go.

  • What are consumer reactions to name ideas?
  • How do you evolve with new names and positioning?
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Pick the winner

Go beyond traditional ranking and explore emotional associations & name imagery.

  • What do names communicate?
  • Which ten names drive the greatest interest and why?
  • What name fits best with brand positioning?
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Name Imagery & Evaluation

Get the right message across with the right product and naming decisions.

  • What comes to mind when consumers hear the name?
  • What emotions and imagery does the name elicit? Why?
  • Which names drive the greatest interest and why?
  • Does the name deliver positioning benefits?
We Loved The Richness

The qualitative data we received, along with the larger base size helped to give confidence to folks here and we loved the richness.

Director of Insights,
Global Pharmaceutical Company
Name Imagery

How L’Oréal selected the name for its best selling NEW UK brand

Choosing the right name for your product

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% 77
Consumers make purchases based on a brand name
% 82
Investors say brand name recognition important in guiding investment decisions
% 60
of new products never do naming research
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Take a quick walk through on how you can improve your naming development.

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