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March 2024

Half of consumers are cutting back on expenses and spending

Combined - 1-1

In US, two-thirds of consumers feel negatively about the economy

Combined 2 - US


While in the UK, three-fourths of consumers feel negatively

UK - pie

Imagery reinforces negative emotionsCombined - 4

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The stressors


Themes of consumer dissatisfaction 

While there are similar themes between the US & UK, there are also differences.

Inflation & rising prices

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Income or savings are not keeping up with inflation and rising pricing of:

Economy - 4-2Several feel frustrated, angry and stressed about their financial situation.


Government spending and policies

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Criticism of the government for:

Economy - 5-2

They feel betrayed, hopeless and scared about the future of the country.


Uncertainty and instability

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Unknowns around:

Economy - 6-1

Leaving them feeling nervous and anxious.


Anxiety and worry


uk - DIFF

Leaving them feeling scared, stressed, sad, and angry. 


Inequality, lack of opportunities and fairness

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Belief that the economy:

Economy - 7-1

Some Americans feel oppressed, exploited and confined by the system. 


How 30 – 40% of consumers minimize stress



Beyond minimizing stress, how consumers are self soothing

Final graphic

= Significantly Higher


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