Positioning & Territory Exploration

Explore. Dimensionalize. Own.

Develop positioning with new depth & understanding

Find ownable white space with a 360° approach to uncover brand perceptions, attitudes, and associations with your positioning. Unique projective techniques uncover underlying emotions & visual triggers to differentiate and dimensionalize ideas so you can strengthen and refine.

Actively involve consumers in staking out an ownable niche
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Ideate themes and platforms to uncover imagery, emotions & language to differentiate

Uncover emotions, visuals and verbal associations for your positioning to help you develop and refine ideas

  • What do the ideas communicate?
  • What imagery and emotions do they elicit? Why?
  • What language is effective in communicating our brand space?
  • How do I strengthen and refine imagery and copy?
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Build a trusted & valued brand story

Dimensionalize and hone in on positioning, identifying the most compelling language, imagery & themes

  • What do the ideas communicate?
  • Which perform best on key measures and why?
  • What imagery and emotions does the idea evoke and why?
  • What language works and why?
  • How do you develop it further for commercialization?
So Pleased With The Report

I really meant what I said. You guys did a great job. So pleased with the report….I was reading and sharing parts of it today with a totally separate team. Really great work!

Jean Enloe
Consumer Insights Manager

The positioning work is outstanding! We had this question last year, but couldn’t figure out how to solve for it.

Sr. Manager, Global Consumer Insights, Division Lead,
Positioning Optimization

How a major consumer products company developed more effective positioning

Use a qual-quant approach to optimize positioning for greater commercial success.

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% 80
say 'authenticity of content' most influential in brand following
% 23
increase in revenue for brands consistently positioned
% 95
loyal to brand with complete transparency
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