In-Home Use Tests (IHUTs)

Why settle for just attributes & scores when you can get the juicy details & why's?

Create winning positioning, packaging & messaging through consumer usage

To learn how consumers experience your product and how it fits their reality, you need a product use testing approach with consumer context. See it like they see it. Feel it like they feel it. Uncover visual, emotional & sensorial cues around product experience for more impactful communication & positioning.

Consumer experience, in context with sensorial cues
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Gauge reactions to product experience

Our hybrid qual-quant product use testing approach explores usage in real life with consumer-generated imagery, language and photos/videos to bring to life usage.

  • What are their initial product reactions?
  • How do they describe the experience?
  • Does the product align with concept positioning? Why or why not?
  • How do they use it?
  • Would they buy it in the future? Why or why not?
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Is your pack holding you back?

Identify how your package or delivery method creates a better user experience and if it increases consumption.

  • What are the reactions to the product in the new packaging?
  • How does pack impact usage?
  • Are there additional occasions? Changes to frequency?
  • What are likes/dislikes? Areas for improvement?
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How Bel Brands revitalized one of their largest brands

Exploring key occasions of use and what makes their product unique.

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% 80
Organizations that lead in CX outperformed competitors on the S&P 500
% 87
Trust a brand based on product considerations
% 21
Of products fail to meet customers needs
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