Attitude & Usage (A&U or U&A)

No matter where you are or how you say it, we know how to give you more "Aha!" & less "D’uh."

Go beyond the obvious – get at the why, wow, and what now

Our human-centered approach delivers a 360º strategy for brand perception and audience motivators — with a hybrid methodology layering in projective techniques, you’ll uncover nuanced insights & inspiring discoveries that illuminate different possibilities & product innovation paths.

Fostering innovation at every stage
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Deep Dive with Your Consumer

Understand who they are and why they make the choices they do. Explore consumer behavior, immersing in their world so you can better connect to what drives behavior. 

  • Who is my target?
  • What products do they use?
  • How did they become users?
  • What are their unmet needs?
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Understand What Drives Behavior

Better understand your market position to plot an insight driven strategy.

  • How did they enter the category?
  • What products do they use? Why?
  • What are perceptions of my brand & others?
  • What are motivations and barriers to usage?
  • Where are unmet needs?
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Pharma Experts

Use our hybrid approach to combine traditional measures from your tracker with attitudes, emotions & experiences uncovered via our interactive projectives to shape & evolve your communication strategies.

  • Who are they? How did they learn about their condition?
  • What are their experiences?
  • What products do they use and why?
  • What is the relationship with their current HCP?
We Will Action These New Learnings

We couldn’t be happier with the report and process. The insights were used to update our consumer target and brand foundations. I’m really happy with how this has all come together and how we will action against these new learnings!

Consumer Insights Director
Personal Care Products

Is Connecting to Your Consumer Keeping You Up at Night?

How an agile A&U helps you identify product opportunities and category white space

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% 65
Have felt emotional connection to brand
% 85
Household shopping from repeat purchases
% 10
Average number of customers lost every year
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