A Perfect 6 out of 6!

You may not know this but 6 is the lowest perfect number - that means its positive integers add up to 6 or the sum is equal to its proper divisors.

It also happens to be the number of times our BuzzBack team has completed the annual Komen race in Central Park - and this year with our biggest team ever of current and former BuzzBackers (even family!).

We each took a pause from family, friends and soccer games to pink out in Central Park, walking and running in the fight against breast and other cancers impacting sufferers we know. Sadly we’ve had a few at our company already, the most recent completing her journey now.

It's TEAMWORK - one of our core values but also a sixth sense I believe our team embodies. It’s evident in our passion and commitment to clients, business partners and each other. It drives our global client successes, and yesterday we had the opportunity to bump shoulders and wave to a few at Pepsi, Pfizer and others.

And it’s the base for why we’ve been named one of Crain’s 100 Best Places to Work 3 years in row.

A great team is everything. It [or Our annual Komen Race] was a perfect 6.