Are You Sick of Big Data?

Are you sick of Big Data? I get several emails every day about new ways to integrate and report Big Data. However, when it comes to Big Data, visualization is an important theme. Recent studies from 3M and the Aberdeen Group talk about visualizing data and why that's important. First, humans can comprehend visuals faster than words. Second, we retain information presented in visuals at a rate that's double what we retain from reading or text.

At BuzzBack, we agree. Visuals are a key theme in how we collect information as well as how we report it. A great example that comes to mind is our exploratory study on the word Quality. While immediate associations with quality are all about applying it to a product or service, our eCollages on quality revealed a broader perspective of the word ‘quality’ that includes words such as family–life–time.

More than any of the other words in our studies, the perception of quality seems to encompass an almost holistic outlook; in essence, it is about quality of life. This concept, obviously, could mean a myriad of different things to different people, but it runs very deep. In order for a brand or product to truly be seen as quality, it needs to ally itself with this way of thinking: it needs in some way to enhance consumers’ general well-being and sense of life satisfaction.

Ultimately, we found out that quality is about relationships – about building trust and reassurance – and this is just as important for brands as it is for people.

A lot of our tools such as eCollageScene BuilderConcept Focus -- they all use visuals in connecting with consumers. These themes of comprehension and retention are important in our daily insights work at BuzzBack, but they also support another important thing about visuals -- they drive emotions and behaviors when it comes to decision-making.

How are you using images to communicate insights? I’d love to know…