How Pharma Companies are Innovating With Packaging

I don’t know too many pharmaceutical companies who are not concerned about compliance. There is a constant discussion and search on how to ensure patients take their medicine or get their shots. How many of us get flu shots? For those of us who have suffered from the flu and never want to experience that again, taking the flu shot should be easy. They have made it easier and easier to get your flu vaccine – doctor’s office, health department clinic, schools, and even pharmacies.

Interesting enough, this article I read today indicates that fewer than half of all Americans who should get the flu shot actually get one. Is a person’s time the culprit or are there that many Americans who hate shots? The article also discusses a new type of vaccine in development that is patch-based and there are talks of it being sent via mail to be self-administered. The patch is covered in "50 tiny needles that barely penetrate the skin" and test volunteers reported the patch to be less painful than the flu shot.

It is  not just consumer companies looking for innovative packaging or names, but pharmaceutical companies are innovating new ways to ensure we take our medicine as well. If you want to truly differentiate yourself from your competitors, using the same research approach that everyone else is using is counter-intuitive. Market research and insight professionals have the ability to be the voice of change for their companies. Deciding to break out from the pack will fuel the innovation process. So go ahead, dare to be different.