The Importance of Corporate Culture

In case you missed it, there was a great article about HubSpot and the importance of corporate culture. The headline alone reflects how I feel about a company's culture and how important it is to maintain your culture as you hire and grow, and I think Brian Halligan hits on all the key points. Your culture is who you are and it can be a competitive advantage.

At BuzzBack we have 5 core values that depict our corporate culture. I didn't make them up, we came up with them as a team. In fact, collectively, we all arrived at the same core words through brainstorming about 3 years ago, and we formalized these as our Core Values. For BuzzBack, it's about the team. More than 35% of our employees have been with BuzzBack for 5+ years. And 40% of new hires are employee referrals. Can you imagine how powerful that is? When we hire, one of the things we make sure is that candidates fit this ethic; and when someone leaves, it's usually because they reach a point when they don't fit with our culture any more.