Martin Oxley to Present at ESOMAR Congress

Martin Oxley, Managing Director of BuzzBack Europe, will be speaking together with Pia Blase of HERE Technologies at the 2018 ESOMAR Congress on 24th September, 2018 at 4pm. Martin and Pia's presentation, The Privacy Paradox - Data Sharing in the Age of Always On has also been nominated for the Congress 2018 Award for Best Paper Overall, also known as the Fernanda Monti Award. HERE and BuzzBack will present the results of a “Autonomous World” study conducted in US, UK, Germany, Australia, France, Netherlands, Brazil and Japan that focuses on these specific issues.

This study highlights attitudes and awareness around the use of location data in the past, currently, and in a more autonomous future where current systems for providing consent regarding privacy on consumer’s devices, and increasing consumer awareness and control of their privacy, will be significantly different.

We will explore:

  • Look at the gap between past consumer behaviour and aspirations around data privacy
  • Whether data is the new oil
  • If it’s free you are the product
  • Challenge future scenarios and privacy concepts regarding meaningfulness and understandability
  • Focus on the measurement of data sharing willingness in the past and in future scenarios
  • Explore products and services that don’t yet exist and the associated issues that we will be dealing with in the future
  • Imagine how relationships between service providers, consumers and 3rd party marketers might look

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