Martin Oxley to Present at the MRS Kids and Youth Research Conference

Martin Oxley, Managing Director of BuzzBack Europe, will be presenting at the Market Research Society's Kids and Youth Conference taking place on January 25, 2018 in London. His presentation, The ABC's of Generation Z, will begin at 9:50 am. Don't miss the latest MRS one-day conference which will reveal what’s going on for young people, give a feel for what it really means to be part of generation Z and figure out how you can tap into the latest youth trends.


The ABC's of Generation Z

Gen Z are coming of age, they are about to enter the workforce and wield their purchasing power. Are brands ready, and do they really understand what makes this future cohort of consumers tick?

Buzzback and Faith Popcorn have uncovered 8 truths about this generation that this session will explore: They are permanently connected to their mobile devices, but they are ready to disconnect too. With their constant connectivity, human bonding can be elusive. They can be lonely and anxious. They are destined to have a deep societal impact and are looking for brands with purpose. ‘Storytelling’ is not enough for them - ‘storydoing’ is where it's at.