Martin Oxley to Present at World Marketing Congress in Mumbai

Martin Oxley, Managing Director of BuzzBack Europe is headed to Mumbai to present global findings on consumer perceptions of Authenticity at the World Marketing Congress event. Speakers and attendees from all over the globe will gather at the Taj Lands End from 24th-25th November 2017.

Martin's presentation, , begins at 3pm on 24th November.

It is a 'bitter pill' to swallow but marketing is, almost by definition, not authentic. Given the increasing demand for authenticity from consumers we thought it was time to explore this issue in depth. Are brands trying too hard to be "authentic"? Or are they being inauthentic at their attempts at being authentic? What does authentic even mean? Can you really have an authentic positioning? Can brands be successful presenting themselves to consumers in a real way? What might be the rewards of embracing authenticity? In this presentation Martin will share some research from UK, USA, China, Brazil and France - exploring this thorny issue. Attendees will learn:

  •  Consumer perceptions, especially what comes to mind when authenticity is mentioned?
  •  Visual and verbal cues that trigger associations
  •  How products associated with authenticity make consumers feel and ways to communicate or motivate behaviour
  •  How to talk about and position within authenticity in a way that's meaningful