The Quirk's Event

BuzzBack will be exhibiting at the second annual Quirk’s Event held at the Marriott Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn, NY from February 23-24, 2016. Come by and see us at booth #506 and don't miss our presentation entitled, Let's Get Real About Authenticity. In this new study, we will present learning around what Authenticity means–words, imagery & emotional associations consumers have with the idea. In addition, we will reveal products & brands they believe are Authentic across different categories, and whether brands today are trying too hard to be Authentic. This research will help marketers understand key learnings around each ‘word,’ generally across 4 or 5 important markets, as well as individually at the market level. In particular, we will provide insight into:

  • consumer perceptions, especially what comes to mind when Authenticity is mentioned
  • visual and verbal cues that trigger associations and why
  • how products associated with Authenticity make consumers feel and ways to communicate or motivate behavior
  • how to talk about and position within Authenticity in a way that’s meaningful


Session Details

Let's Get Real About Authenticity
Speaker: Tatiana Gormley, Research Director
Location: Room 4
Date: Day 1 - Feb 23rd
Time: 2:15-2:45pm