The Quirk's Event

BuzzBack will be exhibiting at the fourth annual Quirk’s Event held at the Marriott Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn, NY from February 27-28, 2018. Come by our booth to see us, and don't miss our presentation entitled, Swipe. Tap. Snap. The Journey to Clean Claims. Today’s consumers demand more. They want transparency and authenticity from brands, resulting in a big push for ‘clean label’ and ‘natural.’ From food, to household items, to personal care, shoppers want to know what’s in the product before it goes ‘in’, ‘on’ or ‘near’ them.

But do consumers understand what Clean Label means? What are cues signaling Clean Label? How does it impact their decision making? What does it look like through their eyes? From exploration to activation with 2 case studies, we’ll identify the imagery, verbal and visual cues signaling Clean Label, plus guide you in developing language and how to test Clean Label claims rapidly via ZappiStore.
You’ll learn how familiar consumers are with the term “Clean Label” and the kinds of claims that drive their purchase. Our research will illustrate:

  • the cues signaling Clean label – colors, imagery, verbal
  • its importance across different categories (with a deep dive into Food & Personal Care)
  • the products and brands associated with Clean Label and why
  • differences between natural and clean
  • which Clean Label claims resonate most in the US, UK, and China (tested via ZappiStore)

We will also share consumer imagery, with real photos of products they consider Clean for a few different categories. This in-context learning gives you in-the-moment understanding that maps back to their personal beliefs and values, and further reinforces the cues around Clean. Join us to learn what’s important when it comes to this hot topic.

Session Details

Swipe. Tap. Snap. The Journey to Clean Claims
Speaker: Tatiana Gormley, VP, Research
Wednesday, February 28
Room 2