Gaming for Health Care

Talk about timing! The Wall Street Journal featured an article that cites the importance of engaging patients online as part of a health care regime. Two companies mentioned, Super Better and Personal Zen, use online and mobile technology combined with medical research and engagement techniques from gaming to actually treat depression, anxiety, physical and mental resilience or just your overall well-being. I found this new approach to treatment fascinating because it made me think about the ways in which the application of these insights could inspire compliance. We know that patient compliance is often mentioned as an issue in our own patient and physician studies (type 2 diabetes and COPD). Providing the skills necessary for patients to feel better in a fun and easy to use method could lead to better patient compliance in the long run.

As PBIRG Atlanta approaches next week, many of the top pharmaceutical companies will gather to discuss and ideate new methodologies in best practice health care. The industry continues to evolve toward patient engagement, and new ways of helping both patients and practitioners uncover emotional insights.

We’ll be presenting some new research on approaches to benefit statements Monday afternoon, as well as showing how BuzzBack techniques and engaging tools can help today’s pharma researchers go beneath the surface around health care issues.