Humans and Tech in the New Research Environment

The pandemic has been tough, novel, strange, frustrating. The challenges posed by these conditions have pushed the insights industry to be highly creative.

In April this year, we invited experts in translation, tech and sample to chat with us and compare notes to see how they’ve all coped and innovated. Martin Oxley spoke with valued buzzback partners:

  • Holly Carter of Confirmit
  • Jess Batty of Prodege
  • Scott Farrell of Gazelle Global

A couple of things stood out for me from the conversation. As with life beyond research and insights, innovation and adoption of technology have accelerated out of necessity. People have re-deployed, and pivoted very imaginatively around, existing tools in order to survive and thrive in the new environment.

But as we’ve been pushed ever closer towards tech, its limitations have come into sharper relief and the unique elements that humans bring have been brought into focus. The shortcuts that machines offer will only get us so far, and the human element remains essential.

I recommend you watch the webinar in full

Martin and our guests cover:

  • How agility is critical across research disciplines
  • Dealing with obstacles
  • Pandemic environment implications for norms and benchmarks
  • What's around the corner? What’s next?