Is There Really a Millennial Problem in Market Research?

Last week, as I was reading Kristin's response  to "A Millennial Problem in Market Research", I realized I needed to chime in myself. As someone who chose this profession straight from college, I couldn’t agree more that prior to entering into the field I had a limited understanding of what working in this industry entails. My Marketing curriculum was pretty standard and focused on the 4Ps of Marketing and effective Advertising, but little on what happens behind the curtains that help inform these decisions.

But lately, I've been noticing more opportunities than before highlighting our industry within the educational sector. A few months ago, I noticed that my alma mater, Boston University had added a Brand Strategy class to its marketing curriculum. And I thought - wow that was definitely not around when I went there! And just last week I had the opportunity to share my day-to-day with a Strategic Market Research class at Georgetown.

These courses offer a practical understanding of common problems that our clients have and how consumer research is used to solve them. It is through courses like this that we as an industry can form relationships and engage students, and help attract quality talent to our industry in the years to come.