Year 9. Pouring Rain. Talk about Commitment!

At buzzback, commitment is what we're about. Our first Komen team was formed to support a teammate suffering from breast cancer. We walked side by side with her on her journey for this great cause.

Nine years later, we continue to walk supporting others both on our team and amongst our family and friends impacted by this disease. Plus, in addition to 9 consecutive years, we also honor one of our teammates celebrating her 5th anniversary and officially cancer-free. Here’s why she walks:

Each year I look forward to crowds of people walking at the Komen race - all smiles and some tears - in support of the cancer journeys so many experience. At buzzback we walk together for something great. And this year, it’s extra special for me.

In 2018, on one of the most memorable days of my life, I welcomed my sweet second son into the world. As I woke up from my recovery, I learned he was delivered just fine and healthy, but they had also found a tumor in my ovary. I had Stage 1c clear cell ovarian cancer. This particular cancer is aggressive but thankfully we caught it early because I was pregnant, and got right to work fighting.

Some survivors talk about their jobs being one of the most stressful parts of their journeys - trying to navigate work and treatments. Some companies make it really difficult. Others make it work. buzzback was critical in the success of my journey.

I am blessed with an amazing husband, family and friends that helped me through my most difficult time. But buzzback also stepped up and allowed me to continue to work and contribute in ways that worked best for me and what I was going through. Adjusting my work schedule. Sending my family meals on nights of my treatment. Countless cards and well wishes. But most importantly, the emotional support I needed to still feel like I could work and support my family when I was unsure about how I was even supporting myself in this confusing time.

As the founder of buzzback, I had no idea our team provided this kind of commitment. However, I do know commitment is what defines our culture and how we support our global clients – J&J, Mondelez, Kenvue, AstraZeneca, Beiersdorf and many more. Some even working on new cures for cancer. It’s in our DNA.

We will continue the journey with this commitment, just as we’re committed to innovation and reinventing insights. I hope you’ll join the journey.


#RaceForTheCure and #OneKomen